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Terça-feira, Setembro 16, 2008

todos os meus clichés

andei mesmo com aquele ar e abusei do cliché pessoal ao andar hoje pelas ruas do centro da cidade, sob uma chuva fininha e fria, casaco, calça comprida, tênis cano alto, fumando um cigarro úmido pelos pingos. andei admirando as luzes do centro, o trafego intenso, sem som algum - fones de ouvido com música deprimida bem alto, parando no ponto do ônibus engolido pelo breu e pelo passar das pessoas e vans, soprando a fumaça pela boca com pose de rock 'n' roll... topete despenteado, vento na face, uma nuvem saindo da minha gola fechada até o queixo.

fiz pose de blasé e fui feliz. dispensei a bituca e me perdi. tocava "layla", do eric clapton. andei.
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Sábado, Setembro 22, 2007

i am gonna kick your ass bitch
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Sexta-feira, Dezembro 08, 2006

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Terça-feira, Julho 11, 2006

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Segunda-feira, Julho 03, 2006

i wake up in the morning
and with the corner
of my half-opened eyes
i see that you are
nowhere around.

i hear noises,
i hear stories,
untold glories
on the streets
please, be quiet!
it's way too early!
please, gently, mortals,
be discreet.

for breakfast
cigarrettes and coffee
and unsaid conversations
between you and me.

it's in those morning
that i fell the
companionship loneliness,
accompanied silence
- warm and violent -
between the two of us.

life goes on by,
morning after morning,
so damn boring
that I don't know why I bother
to go on.

then i see the spark in the sky,
the pictures on the walls
and, to myself, I think:
there is no one else
that I can see myself with.

it all seems poetic
in it's quiet desperation.
the vending machine,
the alone light pole,
the abandoned train station.

i am a sucker for filosfy
and this chemistry
of love and the mistery
of the heart and all things alive.

thinking too much
can only put you in the harm's way.
is it worth to ask
about the things in life, such as
the right thing to say?

i don't know.
all i know now is that I don't know
really where to stand.
i just hang
in there. one more minute, one more life,
the passing of time,
the life that goes by.

i stay clinging to something,
going down, but fighting,
against this brain of mine.
it is such a mess!

i keep grabbing this
thin thread of life
that's so full of loneliness
that seems more like a
thread of lifelessness.

but i hang.
there is still hope
that your way is gonna find mine.
(even if you don' say it.
i see it in your silent
- yet so vibrant - eyes)

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